Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soul Food

I’m not much of an artist to tell the truth, as I’ve been told. But I don’t say this because I’m not good at painting but because it isn’t an abiding passion. It is a passion but one that flees from me while another comes in. But am I still an artist when one artful passion is temporarily replaced by another?

What is art? I think one way it can be described is creative ways we express ourselves outside of logical linear thinking. When I was young it was truly an art to apply my make up. I took time to consider tones and hues, how to make the contours I desired, how to make me more beautiful. It was art when I would make beautiful resumes for my job applications. The effort I put into its form style, font, balance, and spacing. Also the words, how I described myself, what I had done. When I described my years as a house wife with a baby I called myself a ‘domestic engineer’ and used big important words like negotiator, manager, accountant, etc. One woman thought I was employed (as if it were a real job outside of home) another waved it in her husbands face reminding him of all the things she really does. That was creative, thinking outside of my box.

Now what makes me an artist? A creative person? My current medium is the pen. Or more truly my keyboard! I am writing. May not sound impressive. I don’t seem to write very well here. But that isn’t the point. Weather I am a genius or suck doesn’t matter. The important thing is that I feed my soul. The soul’s food is art! This is art, writing. Mine may be bad art and that is ok. But unlike some people out there I am happy, content, Sometimes even blissful when I am doing and being art! I write because I love it, because it feeds my soul. NOT to please the ‘critics‘. NOT to receive the ‘critics’ approval. But only to feed my soul and that is ‘following your bliss’ my friends as Joseph Campbell was fond of saying!

What is your soul food? What feeds your soul, makes you happy, content, blissful? Do it and stop for NO ONE! No mater what they say. What do they know? We all know that ‘critics’ don’t know anything!
Now dig in!!


  1. Dinah, what you said here is so true! Word craft IS an art and I understand how it feeds the soul. To me, creating art (of any form) moves the artist in some way, and writing has always done this for me, perhaps even more so than the jewelry I love to create. A friend of mine once asked me if I considered myself an artist or not. I told her 'not really, but I want to be one.' She told me that the only thing standing in my way of becoming an artist was myself. She suggested that each morning when I awakened, before I brushed my teeth or my hair, I should stand in the mirror and look myself in the eyes and say "I am an artist." She told me that by doing this, I would get out of my own way and one day I would wake up no longer *hoping* to *become* an artist, but rather knowing I *was* an artist. I obliged ... and one day, I woke up an artist - and the only thing that had changed was my perception of myself. :) ... that's when I finally realized that I had always been an artist.

  2. Delia Stone, thank you for this comment! you're so right, perception is everything!

  3. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Amen!!! it matters not what ANYONE thinks of our creations except us!! the goal be true to you and YES follow you bliss!!! love you post

  4. You are so right..Let no one stop you from your joy..Joseph Campbell was such a great person to listen to on PBS..

  5. Do you love what you do for your soul? I do, I love to create, & I don't care what others say or think because it makes me happy! We do have to feed our soul, & art is just the right nutrition that I need. I always enjoy your blog, & please continue to be a creative soul! Hugs***Renea

  6. Anonymous2:42 AM

    "Follow your bliss and it will seem that there are invisible hands guiding you" I love that quote. Joe Campbell was huge inspiration to me. Now as for art. I don't believe that shifting mediums mkes you less of an artist and you may certainly call yourself one. It took me LONG time to call myself an artist, when my art is music .

    Good post. BTW, it was good to talk to you the other night.