Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday . . . Pear

I can't stop drawing, doodling, creating something! Usually I struggle to create now I struggle to stop. Going to enjoying it while it lasts!

I went to Inspire Me Thursday and was inspired to make this doodle. I love pears and the piece they had up for an example got me going. I started that night and couldn't stop. I was up past 3am and started again when I got up early afternoon.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Illustration Friday... MAGNIFY

charcoal hand

I've been wanting to paint SO bad for the last few days. It was an itch, a craving. But no, I did not paint. I did everything else! Ink, gel, paper, color pencil, charcoal (my fav!), & marker. I just needed to create something. Get my hands dirty sitting with a chaos of paper, paints, scissors, pens, pencils, art mess stuff. I feel much better now!

Illustration Friday... MAGNIFY

Here is my submission for Illustration Friday... MAGNIFY

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Broken but Healed by Art & Creativity


With all the losses and other things I've been through the last four years I see the therapeutic benefits and necessity of art, of creating something, anything to let it out. A poem, painting, scribbles, anything. Right after the loss of my brother I literally couldn't think. I couldn't read, I couldn't even watch TV because I couldn't fallow what was going on, it was gibberish. But I could knit. Some may not see this as art but it is creative, it is zen. I find myself looking for my paints or typing away when hit with more stress or pain than I can bear. I feel the need to express it in some way. Cry yes, I needed to cry but I needed other outlets.

Right now I want to paint, I want to write, I want to play with my web designs, make graphics and I will and am and have. Those who are already artist's or creative types know what I'm talking about. You do it too. But those who may not be right brained like us, I encourage you to try it. Find ways to express your pain. It is so healing. There is a reason why the loony bins have arts & crafts, music therapy and tell you to keep a journal. So lets do all that before we need to be locked up! Ok, the last part largely applies to me but it makes sense to do what works for even the worst cases, art and therapy!

What are the ways you deal with great losses or everyday stress? What do you do when you feel broken like I do now?

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

books i'm luvin' right now

Yesterday i was THRILLED when the UPS guy showed up with my free book! YAY! You know how i LUV books and what is better than free?? I got to have it free just for blogging about what i think about the book, good or bad :D but i was relieved when last night i found that I'm luvin' it. I was laughing so much! Laughter is good medicine and I'm needing that a lot right now. The beginning of this month was the one year anniversary of my brother's passing and I've been feeling depressed, crying again. That is why I try not to remember when people pass so this doesn't happen. But how could I not remember this one. I was there, i watched his body change after his body died sitting at his feet in ICU. I want him back, that's all i can say.

The BackBerry Diaries...adventures in modern motherhood” by Kathy Buckworth has been a wonderful LOL book so far. Even the most boring parts of a book (for me) the preface and introduction was funny! It is perfect for my circumstances, needing laughter and short entries that enables my ADD mind to keep reading & stay in the book.

My second book I got from half-priced yesterday is amazing! “Gifts of the Soul.. experience the mystical in everyday life” by Constance Rodriguez, Ph.D. It looks like it will be a more serious in-depth book, no fluff. Now I've only read a little so far. There is a lot about Carl G. Jung in this, mythology, psychology, and spirituality. It reminds me of what Joseph Campbell talked about in his interviews on PBS when talking of retrieving lost pieces of your soul. Keep in mind I just started this book so I don't know what else it will reveal.

If I like the freebie, “The BlackBerry Diaries” I will most likely do a give away! So start following this blog and me on twitter and you will know when the contest is up!

Y'all have a great day!

PS: i have a new youtube channel to focus on weight loss and a new blog to go along with it!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Music from HeyKelsey

this woman is an AMAZING artist, singer & song writer! her voice is earthy & true.. go to her channel and send her love, DON'T forget to tell her Dinah aka: Ms Dragonfly sent you!

i get to join in on a fun meme, MUSIC MONDAY where we share a something something, good music!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Creative Journey

here i've put together a list of my blogs focused on my arts and crafts. i have such a wide range of interests i thought it would be nice, easier to just put them all in one place so if you like, you can fallow along with me on my attempt to create. i may not be an 'Artist' but i am an artist as are all of you!

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