Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Sweet and quite she sits and waits
motives hidden behind her shy face
the perfect moments collect as her lies percolate
each deceitful seed hidden in one, unknown to the other

days upon days
weeks upon weeks
collected into months she waits steadily
patience her virtue
cunning her vice
her innocent face and quite voice hides
her plans to ostracize

back from my journey I find her hall closed to me
'why' I ask but her angelic voice is silent while her courtiers reliant
on her words of secrecy deceiving them of my banishment she planned for me

I shout out my innocence and point out her lies
but it's to late, this witch must hang till truth cries
friends now turned against this witch in pain

I plead, 'why can't you see she planned my fall long ago
now am I to be a witch alone?
Your friendships I can not forgo'

straddling my corpse
now that eyes are upon her
she is quick to apologize
false words fall from her
her courtiers satisfied
they believe her heavenly fantasy
accepting she caused me no harm though it be fallacy

heart broken, abandoned, to summerland I ride,
to the gods I cry 'let them see through her lies!'


  1. Did you made this poem? I love it!!!!

  2. thanks! yes, i did write it. i was upset about things going on and the best way to deal with my emotions at the time was to write. it just came out of me!