Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When I Grow Up I Want to be . . . a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer

I've been belly dancing since after I gave birth. I tried other forms exercise to get back in shape. I got bored and I was still in pain from the pregnancy and birth and a bike run in shortly after. I discovered the belly dancing twins, Veena & Neena and fell in love. I thought, 'I can do that!' I luv to wiggle and I didn't have to jump up & down hurting my joints like aerobics so it was perfect for me! It felt good, I felt like a woman, feminine and powerful! Not only did it feel good to my soul but my body. The hip and back pain I had (so bad I couldn't sleep at times) went away! When it did occasionally come back I just belly danced the pain away!

Now i'm in the habit of constantly doing the hip rotations and tilts constantly without thought, so now I never hurt. I do it in my computer chair, on the couch, in bed, doing dishes and when I crank up the radio! It is now the only dance I know. For years I loved to use my hips when dancing pop/hip hop and now I realize that it was in the vain of belly dance. We all do it, all woman! I now see that it is a natural movement for woman to make, instinctive, powerful, healthy. Some say the Egyptians would use it to aid in child birth, a dance, a movement good for woman. I don't know if the Egyptians did do this but it is great for me.

When I was zapped a link of Rachel Brice dancing Tribal Fusion style I wanted to be a belly dancer! I've always wanted to do it but m a n. When I saw her on youtube I was amazed, inspired, moved. Because of her and other artists of the dance like Zoe Jakes, I can't suppress the desire to be a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer when I grow up (again:D ) !!! Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm to old, too fat! But not for belly dance it seems. Look it up! Many woman are large, and over thirty! I may never be a professional but I can have fun trying!!

Listen to this interview with Rachel Brice and you will see what this dance does to a woman, why I would want to do it. One of many reasons.

Look at this woman's confidence and love for herself and her body!

Here are more empowered 'more to luv' women like me!

if you want to see some of the best dances on youtube just check out my play list on youtube!

What has made you fall in love with your femininity, your womanhood??

BTW: I will be adding belly dance work out vids to my weekly routine in addition to what I already do. So go to my Moving Enchantment blog to find out more, to join in!

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Creation Station

Creative Station Revamp

I have my art table supported by storage bins that have been bending under the weight of my beautiful supplies and their containers. Like my grandmother's juice glasses, jelly jars, old jars from my mother and a flower pot that has been in the family for a few generations. And of course there are the dollar store, thrift store and wal-mart finds.

So Thursday I dragged all the bins out of the harry potter closet and put two deep of bins under the table top my mother gave me from a woman she took care of years ago who past away. It's the perfect size for our small space! I put the leaf on top against the mirror and all my supplies sit on that. I dusted, edited, & rearranged my creative station ending in results I luv. Though I miss having my glasses of brushes, pencils, etc. spread out more.

Creative Station Revamp

ps: sorry the pics are SO bad! please forgive me!

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday . . . Pear

I can't stop drawing, doodling, creating something! Usually I struggle to create now I struggle to stop. Going to enjoying it while it lasts!

I went to Inspire Me Thursday and was inspired to make this doodle. I love pears and the piece they had up for an example got me going. I started that night and couldn't stop. I was up past 3am and started again when I got up early afternoon.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Illustration Friday... MAGNIFY

charcoal hand

I've been wanting to paint SO bad for the last few days. It was an itch, a craving. But no, I did not paint. I did everything else! Ink, gel, paper, color pencil, charcoal (my fav!), & marker. I just needed to create something. Get my hands dirty sitting with a chaos of paper, paints, scissors, pens, pencils, art mess stuff. I feel much better now!

Illustration Friday... MAGNIFY

Here is my submission for Illustration Friday... MAGNIFY

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