Thursday, May 07, 2009

Resin From The Dead

i've been learning so much.. reading, reading, reading. I've finally gotten off the net and into my books! But i find that i have to read several all at once for me to keep moving forward with any of them. Hey, what ever works, right? I'll be up-dating my goodreads so you know what i'm reading. The new additions are 'discovering spirit in sound chanting' by robert gass (got to get more of his cd's!) and 'dreaming true' by robert moss. Woah, lot's of roberts, lol... the dream book is the best one i've ever read. This is the one we all need to read! Forget the rest with thier keys that tell you what things mean to other people, you have to learn what things symbolize for you!

I'm sorry i haven't been around much, although i've really tried to keep in touch with my tweets, pings, and ning. I've been super busy mommie. My son has so many activities my head just spins and he is worn out. We both can't wait till summer when all this frenzy will end and we can just relax and hear our own thoughts and breath.

I can't hoop y'all. My feet keep giving me trouble! So i will spend the summer in the pool as much as possible! Hopefully if i loose enough weight i can get on my feet and do other things like hooping and belly dance. I can't even belly dance! My feet start hurting and i have to site down! Help me guys, i need to see the doc about this but i don't want to go. I just hate going to the doc! Remind me if you think of me :D

hope all is well with you friends!



  1. I have bad feet, too. I went to the podiatrist about 5 years ago and hoped there was something he could do, but he just shrugged his shoulders and told me I was born with bad feet. I'll never be a runner or be able to do much on my feet. Maybe you have terrible feet like me? I suggest an activity that gives you exercise and gets you off your feet-try riding a bicycle. Feel the wind in your face and through your hair, as the miles go by. It's something you can even do with your son.

    good luck dragonfly.

  2. Hey,

    I'm sorry you are having trouble with your feet. I'm a bare feet person, too.

    So, I've been hearing about hooping. Do you need a special hoop? I really need to lose some weight.....

    Thanks for stopping by my post on MBC. You have a new follower now!

    Lisa @
    All That and a Box of Rocks

  3. made a vid i will post on this blog to answer question and more!