Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Son Corrupted by Twain!

we watched 'Mark Twain' a documentary after school. it told of his life and his careers, what made him a writer, they had quotes and excerpts from his letters, books, and articles. we laughed out load the whole night. i didn't realize how funny Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens was. i new he was a great writer but i felt like i could relate to him and his style of humor. humor is my son's first love, how he copes and all he wants to take in. he doesn't care for anything unless it's funny!

as i put my son to bed tonight he repeatedly told me, 'i think i'm going to write! i can cuss when i write!'. 'yes', i told him,' you can cuss and say what ever you want in your journal. it is your world and you are god but. . .' 'but not out load!', he finished. he's very happy to get to cuss... lol

oh yes, Twain cussed! :)

The documentary is titled simply, 'Mark Twain' a film directed by Ken Burns. through PBS home video.


ps: another example of how corrupting art can be ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Power & History of Woman

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

i encourage all to watch this documentary. those of all faith and spiritual belief and non-belief will get a lot out of it. i strongly encourage woman to watch this to learn more about our history of which there is little.

this is my path, this is me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So sorry i am late! We have had a interesting weekend! ;) Just like my birthday i also celebrate Valentine's all month long! This is the month of love! So go out and buy up all the half price chocolate to get you through the hormonal months ahead! Lol ;)

Have a great week!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Netoholic, Reporting My Deviations

pic i took yesturday

I'm not in the mood to paint. I think that i am afraid of what crap i might come up with bursting the bubble from the beautiful girl i made the end of last month. I've made some backgrounds and painted Hecate on cardboard, gesso'd the cardboard from frozen pizza's but when i tried to paint another girl i couldn't even get the sketch right. So i'm going to let it go for now. No use in torturing myself. If i force it i will only get frustrated and make it harder to do it.

So i am sketching fairies instead. Something i am in the mood for. From the book, Dreamscapes by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. She makes the most beautiful fairies and fantasy creatures! I did one sketch before my brother past-away and when i came back to it recently i was surprised that i thought it looked pretty good. Feeling confident about what i have already done makes it easy to go ahead and do more.

My resolve as an artist is so weak. I have to be gentle with myself. Let go of what i can't bring myself to do and just redirect my creativity and try something new, something different.

One of the other ways i have been expressing my creativity is through all the many social networking sites, blogs and net toys that i have started, well, mostly improving the one's i already have. I have 14 social networks, blogs and net toys besides the other 6 or more blogs i don't fool with anymore.

You can find and friend me at Vox, LiveJournal, FaceBook, MySpace, Xanga, Twitter, seesmic, last.fm, MyBlogLog, wakoopa, stumbleupon, Flikr, listography and goodreads. Woah, that's a LOT! Lol, I will be and have been posting regularly so you can keep up with me at any of these places, especially twitter, i so love it! When i first heard of it i thought it was ridiculous but now i find it so useful and fun! Oh and Every once in a while i post to deviantArt. I'm having so much fun organizing, beautifying, and connecting to people on all my sites! Ooo, i am so loving Vox. It is so easy to use and i like that i can keep up with my books, video's, movies, music, etc. It's easy to add your other sites, you just put in your url or user name and it adds your site links like the sites above and it puts the matching icon in front. Tre cool! I'm using it for my personal blog.

I have been so bad about reading. I've been playing on the computer ALL the time so i haven't done much else. I'm so naughty! So i have decided that i will commit to reading one chapter a day out of my top four books i am currently reading, Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose, The Love Spell, Why Does He Do That?, and Talking With Tweens. I keep track of my books at vox and good reads if you care to know what i think of them and what's on my night stand, bookshelves, and on top of my t.v. :D What are you reading?

Hope you all had a great weekend! Have a wonderful, fulfilling, peaceful, prosperous, fun week!


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Ultimate Creation

I don’t remember much about the stay in the hospital right after having my son. It was a blur of drugs and exhaustion. Although I can clearly remember one day shortly after coming home for the first time with my baby walking over to his crib and just looking at him. Taking him in with my eyes amazed that I created him in my body. Ten toes, ten fingers, to legs, two arms, one head {thank goodness} the perfect little body.

I was in awe of what I had created. I felt humbled as if it was too great a thing for me to have done. I felt the sacredness of his new life, how precious and important it was that I had a life I had created but would mold and be responsible for him. I can’t express how holy that moment felt, this was god, this moment. I the creator of this little life and he the creation but the Divine was in both of us and in the process that brought him about. I felt unworthy of having grown him in my body, in my sacred womb. This too sacred and amazing, unbelievable event - life.

Remember that you are Divine, that every month your body goes through the process of preparing for the potential of life you and that experience is sacred. Each act of love making is sacred for the potential life it may bring. I need too, to remember how sacred and Divine I and my body is. We are not separate sinful creatures but rather Divine co-creating demigods, gods and goddesses connected always to the Divine and to each other!

Christ himself said, “know ye not that ye are gods!”