Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Son Corrupted by Twain!

we watched 'Mark Twain' a documentary after school. it told of his life and his careers, what made him a writer, they had quotes and excerpts from his letters, books, and articles. we laughed out load the whole night. i didn't realize how funny Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens was. i new he was a great writer but i felt like i could relate to him and his style of humor. humor is my son's first love, how he copes and all he wants to take in. he doesn't care for anything unless it's funny!

as i put my son to bed tonight he repeatedly told me, 'i think i'm going to write! i can cuss when i write!'. 'yes', i told him,' you can cuss and say what ever you want in your journal. it is your world and you are god but. . .' 'but not out load!', he finished. he's very happy to get to cuss... lol

oh yes, Twain cussed! :)

The documentary is titled simply, 'Mark Twain' a film directed by Ken Burns. through PBS home video.


ps: another example of how corrupting art can be ;)


  1. Chris9:28 PM

    May art and literature continue to corrupt us all for many years to come :)

  2. I just mentioned in a post on my blog recently that Mark Twain was the first book I recall reading at age 6. I read Tom Sawyer, then everything else I could get my hands on! He was a magnificent writer with a sharp wit. My favorite book of his is "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc". It's fabulous.

    I love your dragonflies. I'm a dragonfly princess myself....

  3. And what I liked best about this wonderful little bedtime story is what you said to your son.