Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn Pear

I did it, I made something! I’ve been so afraid to start but I decided I would sew something yesterday and I did. I had to force myself but I got through. The perfectionist in me is so afraid of messing up, of wasting material on ‘mess ups’ that I end up paralyzed. I’m proud that I got past that. Now I can’t wait to create more. But there is one problem. I broke the sewing machine. The needle fell out and I can’t get it back up as high as it should be. That is what you get for $20!! I’m hoping I can buy a machine next month!

I’ll be sewing bags, pot holders, stuffed stuff and what ever else I find in the books I get at the library and online. I am hoping to get good enough to sell on etsy. I hope you all will check me out over there when I’m ready. I hope to have goodies listed in February.

Oh, and I finished my first scarf I’ll have to show you later.



  1. That machine is really quite cute!...and so is the pear! :)

  2. Go!!! You'll have fun on Etsy. I'll look forward to your opening.