Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've Got My Mojo Back!

I don’t know what happened or how it happened but it happened! I got my mojo back! The ever inspiring art guru, Suziblu on youtube had us paint a flower in her art journal class. A flower, I can paint a flower. So I did. I filmed it the weekend before last and posted my humble piece youtube. It put me back into the game. I don’t know how but I was set free!

I also had received the most inspiring painting by Paulette Insall, ‘follow’ and all the goodies she sent with it have been an inspiration. I wish I could paint like her. Her backgrounds are amazing. She has classes for backgrounds, I hope to take it this fall.

Because of a mini flood in my living room where I have my computer I had to pull everything out of the desk amour and the book shelves and corners and so on. I ended up with a lot of junk that I just through out. I was left with a beautiful creative soulful place. Insall’s painting found a new home on top of my amour where it will be seen and safe from 9 year olds. I sit back and just stare at it. It makes me want to be a painter.


  1. I love your flowers!!! And I love SuziBlu -- she just makes me feel happy...she is such a character!! And I adore Paulette Insall..I have one of her pieces too -- she makes it all look so effortless!!

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM

    I recently discovered SuziBlu and really enjoy what she does. Your flowers are so pretty too :-)
    Now I'm off to find out about Paulette Insall; thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments.

  3. I think you're a lucky one who can even consider taking her class for backgrounds and own that painting! :-)

    How lovely to clear out some clutter - way to go!